Finished After 3 Years in Production

Welcome to 2011. New Year, New Goals, and finally our NEW Website.

We’ve  worked for a long time, and delayed the release of it. But finally it’s Here. What is it? It is TRU.

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Welcome New Visitors! (December Giveaway!)

December Giveaway: Free Gift from us to our cool fans! Enjoy:  NEW 2011 Release! iPhone SSH Tunnel Suite

We haven’t posted on our blog for over a year now! Why, what happened? We have been involved in the making of a new site; Trixmasta’s Place. This new site has been planned in working in progress for over TWO years. Along with the site is this huge launch of a new flash-based network, called “TRU”. The brand new launch of this site will feature TRU only to sneak preview subscribers, and luckily- registration is still open. You should check out if you are interested in mobile phone recycling.

So if you would like to join TRU, all you have to do is complete a basic signup, just click the button below!  

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iPod Touch 3rd / 4th Generation Coming December 09!

Yes, you heard me. The next iPod Touch might possibly be coming as soon as THIS December! Now, as we said when

the new iPod Nano came out, along with an enhanced iPod Touch, we had heard that the iTouch had some “production problems” with the camera. SO we speculated that the Touch would be coming out within a few months. But then my hope for that possibilty was gone after reading a few articles online on the chances of that happening. But guess what?

Recently I heard from one of my friends, that Best Buy was gonna have a new iPod Touch around this December! Now, if

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Finally Adobe Flash for iPhone, coming *Beta* this year!!!

Not exactly the flash player for an iPhone, since apple’s such a b*tch and thinks its too slow for the iPhone. Basically, the next adoble flash program to be released is Flash CS5! And the best part about it, is that the program will allow users to BUILD iPhone apps with Actionscript 3! Now this not may be much for you flash player users, but this is HUGE for me! Why? I develop and code in flash, and am working on this network of flash games on my other site Now, I always wanted to create an iPhone app. Problem is, I don’t own a Mac AND you have to learn the iPhone Scripting software, basically you have to be able to script in “Cocoa”.

Here’s the adobe lab’s page:

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Apple’s FAIL: No Camera for iPod Touch 3g

Yes, I know. Its very sad, no camera for iPod Touch 3g. Today, 9/9/09 Apple was holding a big media event they usually have every year. It was predicted and rumored by me and many other people that Apple would announce a new iPod Touch 3rd Gen with a camera! But today was very anticlimactic for some people, including me.

Apple did NOT release a camera for an iPod Touch 3g. Instead they added a video camera for the iPod Nano along with a wider range of colors. Luckily though, they did release a better iPod Touch and started the prices from $199. I don’t know if its classifies as “3rd Generation” since there were no major improvements. But either way, the new iTouch now has an 64 GB model which replaces the 16 GB model. Also the touch now has a faster processor, which means faster apps for us :) And there is now OpenGL Support, along with a free release of iPhone 3.1 firmware.

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Latest News – iPod Touch 3rd Generation Release Date

Hey guys, the iPod Touch 3rd Generation is coming very soon! All details are covered in our brand new video. also here is the latest news we have on the iPhone World! :)

Quick shoutout to this awesome site called Unique Apps where you learn about great unique apps that have been released in iTunes. Its a really awesome site, informative, and great source for finding fun apps to play with!

September 9th is the predicted date Apple will announce the next iPod Touch (3rd Generation)! This is the day they hold a annual media event and usually the day they talk about the next gen ipod line. If you want to know what the next iPod Touch will have, check out this informative video!

Rare iPod Touch 3g Accesories Giveaway!

Hey everyone! If you didn’t know yet, I’m having a giveaway for some awesome iPod Touch 2g + 3g accesories! Its super simple to enter. Check out my video:

Welcome to iPhones Provider

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Overview Of Iphone Accessories

img5Since the iphone has proven to be a widely popular item on the consumer electronic and computer market, it is no surprise that there are a number of iphone accessories that have debuted on the market. Now, some may be dismissive of the advent of the accessories seeing many of the accessories as unnecessary (this, by the way, is a thoroughly inaccurate notion, albeit one held by many who have gradually become cynical consumers).

However, there are a number of vital accessories that provide great value to extending the life of the iphone. Granted, the owners of the iphone seriously need to consider taking proper care of the iphone and its accessories in order to maintain the functionality of the iphone.

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Information On The Iphone Battery

img8When it comes to understanding the revolutionary new iPhone device, one of the most important parts of all that you should be aware of is the iPhone battery. There are lots of different things that are important to know regarding the battery of the iPhone, so that you can be informed and understand about it.

Common Questions and Answers: One of the most commonly asked questions about the iPhone battery is whether it is covered by a warranty and the answer is yes, it is, and not only that but you can also extend the warranty if you want to two years with AppleCare Protection Plan for iPhone.

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